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Welcome to the website of the Center for Career Development of Students, Researchers and Student Support. The Center for Career Development and Counseling of Students and Researchers aims to prepare students for entering the labor market after graduation, to connect them with employers and to provide them with support in acquiring those knowledge and skills that are needed in the modern business world.

Virtual job interview

What is a virtual job interview?

VIRTUAL JOB INTERVIEW is an interactive software designed to simulate job interviews, featuring a comprehensive database of over 150 common questions asked by employers. The software is designed to simulate and practice job interviews, aimed at better preparing young individuals for effective job searches. Research has highlighted that a crucial determinant in securing a job lies in demonstrating readiness and motivation during the interview process.

Thanks to generous donations, the Center for Career Development and Student Support at MB University has implemented a project that provides students and graduates with round-the-clock access to software for practicing job interviews. Additionally, users can record their responses and request personalized feedback from a career counselor, enhancing their interview skills and boosting their confidence. The advice is provided in both video and text formats, ensuring accessibility for students with hearing and vision impairments. This inclusive approach enables everyone to benefit from the resources. Moreover, the software will soon be accessible to all interested citizens. 


The software encompasses eight question categories, covering a wide range of topics: introducing yourself; education and trainings; work experience; skills and abilities; personality, values, goals; behaviour and situations; assignments and a suitable job. Within each category, the software presents a series of questions that the user can expect from an interviewer. It offers guidance on how to structure responses effectively and provides examples of strong answers to aid users in making their own. Additionally, users have the option to record their responses and seek feedback from a career counselor for further advice.

User manual

The software contains 8 groups of questions. After you have selected a question group, you'll be presented with a list of employer questions within that category. Following the selected question, you'll receive guidance on creating effective responses, along with one or more examples to illustrate potential answers. These tips are provided in both video and text formats for accessibility. Additionally, the software offers users the opportunity to record their responses and ask for feedback from a career counselor.

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