MB University

Studying in Belgrade

  • • MB University, located in Belgrade, is a distinguished private institution of higher education in Serbia, dedicated to both knowledge transfer and scientific research work. It was established in 2000, while the Faculty of Business and Law, formerly known as the Faculty of Industrial and Business Management was established in 2002.
  • Students opting to pursue their studies in Belgrade are offered exceptional opportunities for both professional and academic advancement. Beyond the comprehensive resources available at university and faculty libraries, students also benefit from access to the prestigious Svetozar Marković University Library. Here, they can explore an extensive collection of publications, including rare publications of other esteemed city libraries. Furthermore, Belgrade proudly hosts the National Library of Serbia, established in 1832, further enriching the academic landscape of the city.
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  • • Belgrade, as a university center, boasts two state universitiesalongside numerous private institutions offering tertiary education.The city is also home to a wide range of primary and secondary educational institutions, totaling 288 in number. Among these are 201 primary schools, comprising 166 conventional primary schools, 14 specialized institutions, 15 art schools, and 5 catering to adult education. Belgrade hosts 87 secondary schools encompassing 51 vocational institutions, 21 traditional high schools, 9 music schools, 1 art school, and 5 specialized secondary schools. This vast educational network serves approximately 230,000 students, supported by over 22,000 staff members working in 500 facilities, all within a campus infrastructure spanning approximately2 1,100,000 square meters.
  • Belgrade stands as the center of Serbia and the wider region, providing students with numerous opportunities to secure internships, employment, and part-time positions, thus enhancing their student budgets. This way students actively cultivate invaluable professional experience during their academic journey, setting up a robust foundation for their future careers.
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  • In addition to their academic pursuits, students in Belgrade have various opportunities to enrich their leisure time. They can indulge in sports and recreational activities in Košutnjak or Ada, or partake in the diverse offerings of sports centers. Moreover, students can immerse themselves in the city's vibrant cultural events, attending theater performances, concerts, exhibitions, book launches, art showcases, and film festivals.
  • Belgrade is home to the Student Center Belgrade, an institution dedicated to catering to the needs of students in the city. This center offers essential services such as accommodation and meals. 
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  • Renowned for its vibrant nightlife, Belgrade offers students an escape from their daily responsibilities.
  • Belgrade is the center of supreme scientific and research institutions from various fields.
  • Belgrade is also home to:
    Nemanjina 22-26, tel. 361-6489
    See more at: mpn.gov.rs
    Knez Mihailova 35, tel. 3342-400
    See more at: www.sanu.ac.rs
  • Belgrade boasts nearly 300 cultural monumentsincluding 57 of remarkable significance to both the culture of Serbia and the city itself. 
  • See more at: https://www.beograd.rs/cir/upoznajte-beograd/1369-kulturna-i-prirodna-dobra/