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Career Development Center for Students, Researchers, and Student Support

Welcome to the website of the Center for Career Development of Students, Researchers and Student Support. The Center for Career Development and Counseling of Students and Researchers aims to prepare students for entering the labor market after graduation, to connect them with employers and to provide them with support in acquiring those knowledge and skills that are needed in the modern business world.


The key role of The University Center for Career Development of Students, Researchers, and Student Support is helping students to cultivate the essential knowledge and skills crucial for their future employment endeavors; providing opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience during their academic journey, by giving them insights into the dynamics of the business world and strategically prepare students for the transition into the next phase of their career development after graduation. This is achieved in the following way:

– Students are given access to up-to-date information regarding vital occupations, prominent employers, and opportunities for further education, along with details on current job openings. Additionally, we aid students in fostering constructive thinking regarding the possibilities available to them.

– We are impartial and confidential when advising students and guiding them through the career decision-making process. Furthermore, we assist them in formulating and executing practical career development plans.

– We organize workshops, crash courses and presentations delivered by employers to enhance students' comprehension of the business landscape and equip them with the essential skills needed to effectively organize and lead their career paths.

– We collaborate closely with the faculties of MB University in Belgrade to promote the professional growth and career advancement of students.


Services for students

Assistance with writing CVs, cover letters, and job applications. Send your CV to karijera@umb.as.rs or visit us in person for personalized support in creating a compelling CV that truly represents you at your best.

Personalized career development counseling. Schedule an appointment at the Center between October and June if you have any career-related concerns or dilemmas. Following your request, you'll receive a one-hour appointment slot between 10 am and 3 pm.

If you have any additional questions of a psychological nature that you believe a counselor could assist you with, please don't hesitate to reach out. For instance, our counselors can help you in making significant decisions, such as career choices, by helping you become more aware of your values, abilities, and potential, which can enhance your self-promotion efforts. Additionally, they can assist you in identifying any potential shortcomings and devising strategies to overcome them, thereby improving your prospects for future employment opportunities.

Advice and preparation for a job interview. You received an invitation for a job interview and you are feeling unsure about what to expect? Schedule an appointment with a psychologist at the Center, who can provide valuable assistance in preparing you thoroughly for the interview process. With personalized guidance and support, you'll be well-equipped to face the interview confidently.

Workshops, trainings, soft skills and career development. The Center organizes a variety of lectures and workshop series (held twice a year) aimed at fostering essential skills necessary for employment.

Information about job openings, internships, volunteering and scholarships. You will get all the current information directly on your e-mail.

Company presentations and meetings with employers. We offer meetings with companies, where you can get first-hand information about skills and knowledge that leading employers are seeking after.

Brochures offering expert advice on employment strategies and career advancement. Visit the Center and grab your brochures with useful advice on career development.

Useful literature. In the Central Library of the University, you can find numerous valuable foreign and domestic books on business skills, communication, and career development.

Computers with internet access for students. Besides the website, you can explore various job databases, websites with information about current scholarships, trainings and seminars.

Opportunity to make your own profile and leave your biography on the Center’s website. After registering with the Center, you can enter additional information about yourself on the website or upload your CV.

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