MB University

Mission and vision


MB University stands as a leading private institution of higher education, deeply rooted in the historical tapestry of our nation. It has been a strategic component of the Serbian state for the past two decades. Our meticulously designed study programs deliver the necessary academic and professional knowledge, meticulously balancing theoretical foundations with hands-on practical applications. By fostering an environment that nurtures the growth of tomorrow's leaders, we empower individuals to cultivate versatile skills across a range of disciplines including management, business, economics, law, information technology, and arts. At MB University, our foundation is built upon several principles: the commitment to excellence in business processes, fostering a vibrant organizational culture, prioritizing tangible learning outcomes, and embracing the principles of lifelong education. Our dedication to these principles has earned us international recognition and made us attractive for talented and motivated students. We are a dynamic institution serving as a catalyst for student employment and educating the next generation of leaders. Our reputation as an open and collaborative environment extends beyond the classroom, encompassing research, artistic creativity, and engagement with industry, cultural institutions, and government. As a socially responsible entity, we strive to enhance the overall well-being of society. At MB University, we attract individuals who share a profound love for Serbia, because here, the seeds of future leaders and business success are planted and nurtured.


The MB University is a private institution of higher education, dedicated to fostering an environment that nurtures learning, research, and practical application, all with a steadfast focus on our students. Within the dynamic educational framework of the MB University, we sculpt the identities of our students, shaping them into leaders who embody honor, competence, and a profound preparedness for the challenges ahead. Our aim is to equip them not only with academic prowess but also with the resilience and ethical fortitude and empower them to apply their knowledge in practical settings needed to excel in an increasingly competitive job market. At MB University we firmly believe that knowledge is our power!

Our values are:

Quality - MB University is strategically dedicated to the continuous enhancement of its academic programs, resources, student body, teaching staff, research activities, operational processes, and the integration of educational, scientific research, artistic, and professional pursuits. Our steadfast commitment lies in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence across our institution.

- Nurturing diversity - we promote the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of everyone, regardless of their status, age, ethnicity or gender;

– Academic freedom – we advocate academic independence, fostering a culture of openness to diverse ideas, intellectual curiosity, and the unrestricted freedom of thought and expression;

– Contemporary knowledge – we are committed to achieving academic excellence by actively pursuing the discovery, preservation, and dissemination of both practical and theoretical knowledge relevant to contemporary issues;

– Integrity – through a commitment to responsibility, we cultivate and advance ethical and conscientious conduct, fostering leadership dedicated to serving the common good;

– Leadership – we are dedicated to excellence, fostering a mindset where nothing is deemed impossible. Consequently, we relentlessly pursue innovation across our study programs, educational practices, scientific research, and entrepreneurial endeavors;

– Innovation – we design business processes with the student as the focal point, characterized by creativity, invention, and innovation. Our aim is to cultivate a community of fulfilled and accomplished individuals.

– Cooperation – we are growing together with our academic and business partners, exchanging ideas, experience and knowledge;

– Sustainable development – the development of MB University is driven by a commitment to meet the needs of students, partners, and staff while responsibly managing available resources, without compromising natural systems and the environment. The concept of sustainable development embodies a fresh strategy and philosophy guiding the social development of MB University.