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About the Student Parliament

The Student Parliament of MB University serves as a vital representative entity within the university community, advocating for students' interests before the institution's structures and bodies. It functions as a bridge between MB University and its student body, fostering effective communication and collaboration with the goal to address the needs and concerns of students.

The Student Parliament at MB University was esablished in late 2020. Its members are appointed by the respective student parliaments of its constituent bodies: the Faculty of Business and Law and the Academy of Classical Painting.

All currently enrolled students of the University have the right to participate in the electoral process and stand for election as members of the Student Parliament. The students enrolled under affirmative measures and those with disabilities also have this right. Furthermore, members of the Student Parliament are assured the fundamental liberties of freedom of opinion and expression.

The Student Parliament of MB University appoints representatives to various key university bodies, including the Council, serving as the governing authority, and the Senate, renowned for its expertise. Additionally, delegates are nominated to committees such as the Committee for Professional Ethics, the Committee for Quality Assurance at the University, the Disciplinary Committee, and other bodies addressing matters relevant to student welfare and concerns.

The Student Parliament is dedicated to advocating for the rights and interests of students, striving to enhance the quality of their education, training, and overall student experience. It works towards ensuring high standards in student welfare, encompassing various aspects of student life such as social, cultural, sports, and recreational activities. By fostering active engagement, the Student Parliament empowers University students to actively contribute to educational activities, scientific research, and artistic pursuits within the dynamic environment of MB University.

One of the key objectives at MB University is to establish and strengthen connections between the Student Parliament and the Alumni Organization.

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