MB University

Former rectors of MB University in Belgrade

The first rector of the accredited MB University, distinguished full professor Dušan Regodić, Ph.D., B.Sc.E.E., from 2020 to 2023 (Read more)
Professor Regodić made an invaluable contribution to the establishment and formulation, including the drafting and processing of all legal documents such as the Statute, Development Strategy of MB University, Quality Strategy, regulations, procedural guidelines, and software solutions, along with documents related to self-evaluation and quality management at MB University in Belgrade. This encompassed securing work permits and obtaining the initial accreditations for the MB University. He also handled the preparation of all documentation necessary for the accreditation of the Faculty of Business and Law, facilitated the accreditation process and change of location for the Academy of Classical Painting, orchestrated the documentation for the initial accreditation of Information Technology study programs for undergraduate and doctoral levels. Additionally, he prepared the documents for accreditation of foundational and advanced academic programs in Business Economics and Sports Management, and all documentation for the reaccreditation of Business Management at both undergraduate and doctoral levels, and Industrial Economic Management at the master's level.
Throughout his distinguished 43-year career in pedagogy, Professor Regodić made a significant contribution to shaping the education of over 8,000 engineers, catering to the demands of the Republic of Serbia, FR Yugoslavia, and the SFRY. His legacy as a distinguished educator spanned from 1981 to 2024, during which time he held various leadership roles. He managed departments, services, scientific-teaching sector, faculty and university, he was involved in scientific-teaching coordination, as well as faculty and university administration. For a remarkable period of 16 years, he was a dean at two prestigious faculties, followed by a distinguished tenure of 4 years as vice-rector at the university. His leadership journey continued with appointments as rector at two esteemed universities, with a role of the president of the university council. He earned the title of full professor in the technical and technological domain at four different universities. Additionally, he actively contributed to scientific research activities in the technical and technological field. Professor Regodić published 252 scientific papers in nationally and internationally recognized journals, and at national and international scientific conferences. He was the Deputy Head of the Military Academy of the FRY in the 2001-2008 period.
He was a mentor for the preparation of 18 doctoral theses and 51 master's theses in the technical and technological field. Renowned for his exceptional pedagogical skills, he was highly esteemed by both students and colleagues. As a proficient administrator overseeing various levels of academic institutions, including departments, faculties, and universities, he earned the affection and respect. He was elected as the best professor of the faculty twice.
The Nikola Tesla plaque was awarded to him in 2006 in recognition of his invaluable contributions to the advancement of science and his pioneering work at the Military Technical Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Notably, he authored and earned acclaim for the best textbook of 2003 within the Ministry of Defense of the FRY. Additionally, he was as a mentor to the recipient of the prestigious doctoral award in 2011 within the Ministry of Defense.
He made a foundational concept of the Military Academy in 2006 and served as the first president of the Organizing Committee. This committee has since transformed into the prestigious international scientific gathering of Defense Technology, boasting over 170 papers authored by more than 260 contributors. Throughout his career, he has held leadership roles in organizing over 40 scientific conferences, either as president or deputy of the organizational or program committee. organizacionog ili  programskog odbora) na preko 40 naučnih skupova.
For over 15 years, he served as a prominent member of the publishing council for the Scientific Technical Review of the Ministry of Defense, diligently contributing to its mission. Additionally, he played pivotal roles as a member of the commission for international military technical cooperation within the Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and as a valued member of both the Council of the Military Technical Institute and the Council of the Military Academy.
Professor Regodić holds five certificates in the field of quality assurance in higher education. While serving at the Military Academy of the Ministry of Defense, he earned two well-deserved promotions. Additionally, he has been honored with seven prestigious state awards for his exceptional contributions to the field of defense.