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Master’s academic studies – the second level of higher education

All master's degree programs at MB University are accredited by the National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education (NEAQUA), under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development. These programs adhere to the principles outlined in the Bologna Declaration and facilitate the implementation of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The curriculums are modelled after the programs from esteemed European faculties and universities, incorporating valuable experience from our region. Our study programs are meticulously designed to meet the demands of the business environment. Students engage in internships and tackle practical challenges in their master's theses, collaborating with a wide range of partners including companies, banks, legal entities, institutes, cultural institutions, and other organizations affiliated with MB University.

Upon successful completion of master's academic studies in programs such as Industrial and Economic Management, Economics, Business Management, Sports Management, Security Management, Business Law, Information Technologies and Systems, and Classical Painting, students are conferred with the following academic titles: Master Manager, Master of Laws, Master Engineer of Information Technologies and Systems (60 ECTS), and the professional title of Master Fine Artist (120 ECTS). These qualifications denote the completion of the students' master's academic journey. These titles are awarded to the students:

– who have demonstrated comprehensive knowledge and understanding in the domains of management and business, law, electrical engineering and computing, information technology and systems, as well as artistic proficiency in fine arts. These skills complement the foundational knowledge acquired during undergraduate studies and serve as a cornerstone for developing critical thinking and the practical application of knowledge;

– who are proficient in applying their knowledge to solve problems in novel or unfamiliar environments, in broader or multidisciplinary areas within the educational-scientific or educational-artistic field of study;

– who are capable of integrating knowledge, tackling intricate problems, and making judgments grounded in accessible information, all while conscientiously considering the social and ethical obligations related to the use of their expertise and decisions;

–who possess the ability to articulate knowledge and rationale to both professional circles and the broader public, doing so with clarity and precision;

– who are capable of pursuing further studies autonomously, selecting their path of learning according to their own preferences and aspirations.


Lectures are delivered in small, mentor-led groups, following the mentoring system principle. A distinct focus is placed on integrating case studies with theoretical instruction, fostering a connection between classroom learning and real-world applications. This educational approach equips students with a diverse range of contemporary business knowledge and skills, thereby enhancing their prospects for employment.


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