Doctoral academic studies- the third level of higher education

All doctoral degree programs at MB University are accredited by the National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education (NEAQUA), under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development. These programs adhere to the principles outlined in the Bologna Declaration and facilitate the implementation of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The curriculums are modelled after the programs from esteemed European faculties and universities, incorporating valuable experience from our region. Our study programs are meticulously designed to meet the demands of the business environment. Students engage in internships and tackle practical challenges in their master's theses, collaborating with a wide range of partners including companies, banks, legal entities, institutes, cultural institutions, and other organizations affiliated with MB University.

MB University is committed to excellence in education, scientific research, innovation, and knowledge transfer. Our scientific and research activities encompass both fundamental and applied exploration across a spectrum of disciplines, including artistic, technical and technological and humanistic- social sciences.

Upon successful completion of doctoral academic studies in the study programs of Business Management, Advanced Information Technologies, and Classical Painting, students are conferred with prestigious academic and professional titles. Specifically, they attain the esteemed academic titles of PhD in Management and Business, PhD in Information Technologies and Systems, and the professional title of Doctor of Fine Arts (180 ECTS). These qualifications signify the completion of rigorous academic pursuits and demonstrate the mastery of knowledge and skills in their respective fields. They are conferred to the students who:

–have demonstrated a systematic comprehension of specific scientific domains within DHP, as well as within the educational and artistic fields of Arts, particularly in management and business, advanced information technologies, and fine arts;

– have adeptly mastered the skills and methodologies essential for conducting research in the scientific domains of management and business, as well as advanced information technologies and fine arts;

– have demonstrated the ability of formulating and developing concepts, projecting and application of research in the scientific field of management and business, advanced information technology and art;

– have demonstrated the capability to adjust the process of scientific and artistic research with the essential level of academic integrity;

–have attained the accomplishments that push the boundaries of knowledge in the fields of management and business, advanced information technologies, and fine arts through original research and significant scientific and artistic contributions. These achievements have been published and serve as benchmarks both on national and international level.

– are proficient in critical analysis, evaluation, and synthesis, and excel at integrating new and intricate scientific and artistic concepts within the domains of management and business, advanced information technologies, and fine arts;

–possess the ability to effectively transfer professional knowledge and ideas derived from the disciplines of management and business, advanced information technologies, and fine arts to their peers, the broader academic community, and society at large;

– are capable of fostering technological, social, and cultural advancement within both academic and professional settings, particularly in the scientific fields of management and business, advanced information technologies, and fine arts.


MB University actively fosters and facilitates an environment where teaching staff and students are encouraged to actively participate in scientific research, artistic activities, and professional work, aiming to publish their findings regularly. Through various initiatives, MB University is committed to promoting engagement among faculty members at the Faculty of Business and Law in scientific research projects funded by the MPNTR of the Republic of Serbia. Similarly, faculty members at the Academy of Classical Painting are supported in their active involvement in national art projects funded by the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research.


Lectures are delivered in small, mentor-led groups, following the mentoring system principle. A distinct focus is placed on integrating case studies with theoretical instruction, fostering a connection between classroom learning and real-world applications. This educational approach equips students with a diverse range of contemporary business knowledge and skills, thereby enhancing their prospects for employment.


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